Teen Dorm

For students ages 12+ special arrangements are available to allow participation in the Institute if parents elect to send their child to the Institute without them. Adult counselors will assist students monitoring their safety and participation in their institute program, meals, and recreational activities including snacks. Our teen dorm director and chaperone, Debbie Alcala, has been with us for over 10 years and works for Clayton Valley Charter High School as a supervisor.

We are happy to make arrangements for any teen that wishes to participate in the evening recreational activities but is staying with a parent on campus during the institute. There is an additional fee of $50.

Some Teen Dorm parents may stay in On-campus family housing and attend daily classes with their child.

Teen Dorm Fees (Sunday-Wednesday nights)

Includes room, meals, and adult supervision. Teen Dorm has communal bathrooms.

  • Single: $480
  • Double: $430 per person
  • Additional night Teen Dorm housing before and/or after the Institute is available for $80 per person per night. This includes adult supervision but does not include extra meals.​ Contact us to make arrangements.