TEACHER TRAINING: (not for SAA credit)

Sunday July 9 Violin Workshop (5 hours): $200
Sunday July 9 Cello Workshop (5 hours): $200
Sunday July 9 Guitar Workshop (5 hours): $200

Registration Deadline June 15, 2023. After June 15 registration is subject to availability with a late fee of $75.

Teacher Observation:
$60 daily
$40/day if student attends ASI

Liz Arbus, Violin

Violin workshop: Building a Musical Skyscraper Through the Repertoire (violin/viola).
Offered by Liz Arbus

Teachers will see demonstrations and be given activities that help to build technique beginning in Violin Suzuki Book 1 and continuing through Book The course will cover a variety of skills including how to teach different bow strokes along with bow distribution. Teachers will also explore new ideas for left hand placements, which can help to create better pitch, finger action vibrato and other fundamental techniques.


The Guitar Teacher’s Toolkit Workshop
Offered by Joseph Pecoraro

This inspiring workshop will present specific goals, activities and conditions that will help current and aspiring professional educators to maximize the value they bring to individual and group instruction situations. These skills lead directly to better student retention, advancement and the teacher’s sense of satisfaction with this aspect of their career. Activities and demonstrations will show teachers how they can best use their time together with students and create a an environment for fun and success.

Zachary Sweet

Cello Bow Development From the Beginning
Offered by Zackary Sweet

This course will offer tips and best practices for establishing and maintaining healthy bow habits through years to come. Whether you are an experienced teacher or new to the journey, this course will give you tools to use in any scenario.